India And Modi Allegedly Plotted A False Flag Operation On The LOC On Republic Day: LEAs


On the eve of India’s Republic Day—January 26—India and its leader Prime Minister Narendra Modi planned a false flag operation of purported infiltration into the India Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK). This operation has been uncovered by Pakistan’s intelligence and security services.

Investigators have uncovered a script for a false flag operation that was planned to be carried out by Indian army and police along the Line of Control (LOC) in Poonch sector of IIOJK.

Three individuals with pivotal roles in New Delhi’s strategy have been identified by Pakistani intelligence.

The false flag operation was planned to be carried out by Bashir, an agent of India’s 93 Infantry Brigade, and two of his friends, Alam and Aslam.

Bashir was planning to ambush soldiers from the 93rd Brigade, Dogra Regiment, of the Indian Army by laying explosives — including improvised explosive devices (IEDs) — in IIOJK and then presenting the locals he recruited as the accused terror operatives trying to enter India from Pakistan.

They planned to sneak into IIOJK from Azad Jammu Kashmir’s Jashkwal region.

To ‘thwart’ the plot, India was supposed to round up the perpetrators as soon as they entered IIOJK, at a predetermined checkpoint close to a mosque.

In a later scene, the script revealed that the Indian armed forces and police had found a stash of guns and explosives among the books.

Pakistani intelligence reports say that DSP Prashanna was in charge of the false flag operation.


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