After A Complaint By Sherlyn Chopra, Police In Mumbai Detained Rakhi Sawant


    Actress Sherlyn Chopra filed a First Information Report (FIR) against Bollywood star and model Rakhi Sawant, leading to her arrest. She is now in police custody in Mumbai.

    Rakhi and her husband Adil Durrani allegedly planned to open a dancing school on January 19. But the Amboli police arrested her that same day.

    Sherlyn Chopra tweeted the news of Rakhi’s arrest to her followers. She tweeted, “Amboli Police has arrested Rakhi Sawant in respect of FIR 883/2022. Yesterday, Rakhi Sawant’s ABA 1870/2022 was rejected by the Mumbai session court.”

    Rakhi had criticised Sherlyn Chopra last year for her defence of #MeToo accuser Sajid Khan. Sherlyn went to the media after she recorded her testimony against Sajid Khan on October 29 and said that Salman Khan was shielding the director. Rakhi, however, came to Sajid’s defence, criticising Sherlyn for her remarks. When asked by reporters, Rakhi stated the police could tell which complaints had validity and which did not. Sherlyn accused Rakhi of slander and later filed a formal complaint against her.

    Rakhi, on the other hand, apparently converted to Islam not long ago and was leaving to attend Umrah with her husband Adil Khan Durrani.


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