Thousands Of Jobs Will Be Cut By Microsoft


Thousands of jobs at Microsoft are slated to be eliminated as part of the company’s restructuring strategy, and many of these positions will be found in the HR and engineering departments.

As a result of low demand and a deteriorating global economic outlook, the anticipated layoffs would be the latest in the U.S. technology industry, where businesses like and Meta Platforms have launched downsizing exercises.

The decision by Microsoft may be a sign that employment losses will persist in the technology industry.

According to Morningstar analyst Dan Romanoff, “From a big picture perspective, another pending round of layoffs at Microsoft suggests the environment is not improving, and likely continues to worsen.”

According to a claim by U.K. news outlet Sky News, which cited unnamed sources, Microsoft is planning to eliminate 11,000 jobs—or nearly 5% of its staff.

According to Bloomberg News, a source familiar with the situation has confirmed that the business intends to lay off employees across many technical departments. Meanwhile, Insider has claimed that Microsoft may lay off as many as one-third of its recruitment personnel.

According to Bloomberg, these reductions will be far greater than previous waves over the last 12 months.

Microsoft has chosen not to address the rumours publicly.


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