The CTD Has Arrested A Suspect For The Illegal Trade Of Bore Weapons Online


The Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) has taken into custody a man they believe was operating a weapons dealership that sold banned firearms.

During a raid led by the Counter-Terrorism Department, the suspected guns dealer was apprehended in a suburban neighbourhood in the Khairpur district. According to the CTD spokesperson, the suspect is a Peshawar native named Zubair Shah.

The CTD Sukkur said the suspect dealt in automatic and prohibited bore weapons. Shah illegally distributed weapons to the provinces of Sindh and Balochistan over the Internet.

It was discovered that Zubair Shah often travelled between Peshawar and other cities in Pakistan with illegal firearms. CTD agents found 15 handguns, a repeater, a rifle, an MP-5, and 7 9 mm handguns in his store during the operation.


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