Imran Khan Summoned For ‘Threat’ Case Involving Female Judge


On Wednesday, former prime minister and current Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan was called into court in Islamabad in connection with a case involving his ‘threatening’ comments made at a female judge.

Although he was subpoenaed to appear in court today, Imran Khan did not show up, instead sending his junior counsel, Sardar Masroof.

Due to the absence of senior judge Rana Majid, the hearing was postponed till January 24. Khan, chairman of the PTI, has been ordered to appear in court at the next scheduled hearing.

On August 20 in Islamabad, Imran Khan reportedly made verbal threats and used aggressive rhetoric at Additional Session Judge Zeba Chaudhry during a speech. A terrorism complaint was filed against Khan at the Margalla police station.

On the other hand, the complaint launched against the PTI chief for threatening the lady judge and personnel of the Islamabad police force had the terrorist portions removed on September 19.


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