Due To A Lack Of Medication, Kidney Transplants At PKLI Had To Be Put On Hold


Medications shortages have forced the Pakistan Kidney and Liver Institute in Lahore to halt kidney transplants (PKLI).

A spokesperson for PKLI said that there has been no kidney transplant this year, that transplants have not been performed in two weeks owing to a lack of medications, and that six surgeries have been delayed so far because of this shortage.

Although three kidney transplants are conducted each week, according to the spokesperson, the required injection is not yet available.

The drugs, the spokesman says, have come from overseas; the LCs just need to be approved; the medicines will reach the hospital as soon as the LC procedure is done; and the kidney transplant may resume as soon as the injections are received.

The representative claims that 211 kidney transplants were performed in PKLI in 2022.


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