No Shortage Of Petrol, Diesel In Pakistan, OGRA Says


The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has issued a clarification about reports of a gasoline and diesel scarcity in the country.

The OGRA’s Twitter account was updated on Sunday by Imran Ghaznavi, who declared that “there is adequate supply of fuel and diesel in the nation.” “OGRA categorically refutes claims that the nation is experiencing a scarcity of gasoline and diesel.”

And, he said, “Ample supplies of gasoline and diesel are accessible in every region of the nation. OGRA disputes the claims that there would be a gasoline or fuel scarcity. The nation has enough gasoline and diesel for 17 and 32 days, respectively, in storage.

The OGRA representative also said that local refineries were operating at full capacity to meet the demand for petroleum products, with another 80,000 metric tonnes of petrol ships and another 90,000 metric tonnes of diesel ships in berth/outer anchorage.

His Twitter thread goes on to elaborate: “Furthermore, ships carrying 80,000MT petrol (MS) and 90,000MT HSD (diesel) are at berth/outer anchorage.” Local refineries are running and doing their part to supply the demand for petroleum products.


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