NADRA Now Offers A Verification Service Specifically For Senior Citizens


The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) released its NADRA Tasdeeq Service option on Thursday to help elderly people with the bio-metric matching process.

The novel approach foresees additional methods of id verification for anyone above the age of 60. In order to verify their identities without using their fingerprints or any other biometric information, they will be given secret questions generated by artificial intelligence. After providing the proper responses, seniors will be considered validated, especially during biometric verification at financial institutions. Chairman Muhammad Tariq Malik, together with Professor Fateh Muhammad Malik, Kishware Naheed, Iftikhar Arif, and Anwar Masood, launched the NADRA Tasdeeq Service at the NADRA headquarters. The NADRA verification service has been demonstrated by Chairman NADRA himself.

Chairman of the NADRA Tariq Malik spoke on the occasion, saying, “NADRA has received innumerable complaints from older persons that they experience difficulty in authenticating their fingerprints, especially in banks.” So, NADRA has come up with a novel approach based on AI to address this issue. He went on to say that it was only normal for those over the age of 60 to have trouble with bio-metric matching because of the natural decline in skin elasticity and the corresponding deterioration in fingerprint clarity that comes with advancing years. Banks and other financial institutions will be hesitant to work with the elderly if they cannot verify their identities. Using artificial intelligence (AI) to create questions from personal data contained in the NADRA database, the chairman of NADRA believed that banks would execute their KYC procedure for older residents effortlessly using the new solution system. A total of 46 banks are active in the country at the present time; five of them (MCB, Allied Bank, Bank Al-Falah, Bank of Khyber, and Soneri Bank) have already begun offering this service, while the others (National Bank, Askari Bank, First Women Bank Limited, and Khushali Bank) are finishing up their final rounds of testing. The remaining financial institutions’ onboarding procedure has begun.

Prof. Fateh Muhammad Malik, who delivered the keynote address, praised NADRA for introducing the programme and said it exemplified a responsible national institution in Pakistan that provided for people of all walks of life.


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