Mehwish Hayat Files A Lawsuit Against A Youtuber For Defamation


    Soon after actress Kubra Khan went to the Sindh High Court (SHC) over a scandalous and defamatory campaign being waged against her on social media, actress Mehwish Hayat did the same thing in response to insinuations made by a YouTuber about actresses.

    On December 31st, former army officer and current UK resident Adil Farooq Raja posted a video to YouTube in which he made severe charges against many actresses, identifying them by their initials (S.A., K.K., M.H., and H.K.).

    Internet users publicly shamed Mehwish, Kubra, and Sajal Aly by associating them with the initials.

    Kubra has already approached SHC about the issue. Mehwish has now joined the suit against Raja by filing an appeal in the same court.

    Mehwish said in her plea, “Fake claims were levelled against me on social media.”

    The petitioner claims the false accusers are “mentally sick,” and she is asking the court to punish them for their actions.

    Mehwish said that she had also contacted the FIA but that nothing had been done in response to her concerns.

    The petitioner’s lawyer, Khawaja Naveed, asked the court to remove any comments about the actress from social media immediately.


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