In A Defamation Case Involving A Youtuber, The SHC Has Requested Kubra Khan’s Cooperation With The FIA


    Actress Rabia Iqbal Khan, better known by her stage name Kubra Khan, has been summoned by the Sindh High Court (SHC) to assist the Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) investigate a scandalous and defamatory campaign against her.

    At a hearing on Monday, the court ordered the FIA and the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to remove any defamatory or scandalous posts against Khan from social media platforms.

    Adil Farooq Raja, a YouTuber and former army officer based in the United Kingdom, made significant claims against four actresses on December 31, without identifying them and just giving their initials: S.A, K.K, M.H, and H.K.

    Unhappy fans and netizens, however, linked the identities of four actresses, prompting them to reply to the charges on social media.

    Actress Kubra Khan threatened legal action and a defamation suit unless Raja provided evidence for his assertions, retracted the comments, and publicly apologised.

    Later, the actress filed a petition with the SHC in response to the YouTuber’s “derogatory, defamatory, malicious, provocative, harmful, and sensationalising allegations” against her and her co-stars.

    On Monday, the FIA presented a report detailing its investigation into the campaign against the TV actress.

    The agency acknowledged it had referred the matter to the PTA and handed the purported YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter accounts to the telecommunications authority’s point of contact.

    According to the FIA report, the “focal person of FIA cybercrime circle” “submitted the request promptly for blocking of suspected accounts via PTA and gave the tracking numbers after completing all the legal and official processes for blockage of accused accounts.”

    Furthermore, the petitioner had apparently sent their complaint to a website that was outside of the purview of the FIA Cybercrime Wing.

    The hearing was eventually postponed till January 23.


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