Pakistan Has Risen To Second Place In The ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Super League Points Table


At the National Bank Cricket Arena in Karachi, Pakistan defeated New Zealand by six wickets in the first match of a three-match ODI series.

After this win, the host team is in second place in the current ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Super League table.

The latest ranking has 2023 World Cup hosts India at the top with 139 points and an NRR of +0.782.

Meanwhile, Babar Azam’s squad climbed to second position in the rankings after amassing 130 points and a +0.220 NRR.

Third place goes to New Zealand with a run rate of +0.672, while fourth place goes to England with 125 points and a run rate of +1.219. England won the World Cup in 2019.

Note that the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 is set to take place in India, and that eight countries will qualify for it automatically. In the preliminary round, the seven teams will face off against five Associate teams. There will be two spots open for the World Cup for the best teams in the qualifying round


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