According To The Minister, All Necessary Steps Have Been Taken To Finalise The Oil Deal With Russia


On Saturday, Petroleum State Minister Musadik Malik said that all necessary steps had been taken to finalise an arrangement to buy oil at a discount from Russia.

Malik told a private TV station that the Russian Energy Minister was a member of a delegation that was planning to visit Pakistan as part of the deal.

According to him, “serious conversations are going on with Russia and delegates would come only when preparations are ready.”

Malik insisted that Russia will provide Pakistan the same or a greater discount than it does to other nations.

He said that the government will do everything it could to get a satisfactory resolution for Pakistan.

After visiting oil refineries, we contacted the Russian government. It’s true that the deal has been finalised, but it would be premature to announce that now, he remarked.

According to Malik, the refineries are planning to reinvest the money they save on dam duty, and the government will conduct regular audits to ensure that the money is well spent.

He said that “our refineries generate more furnace oil which has no market elsewhere” and that the government should invest in the “innovation and upgrading of refineries” in order to benefit the nation.


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