“Naveed’s [Confessional] Declaration Is 100% Correct,” Asserts Sanaullah


The Interior Minister of Pakistan, Rana Sanaullah, flatly denied yesterday’s claim by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Senior Vice President Fawad Chaudhry, saying instead that there was only one shooter, Naveed, who was also a “religious fanatic,” involved in the attempted assassination of PTI chief Imran Khan.

A day before, Fawad said that the former prime minister’s attempted assassination was carried out by three assailants who attacked him from three separate directions.

“Naveed [confessional] declaration is 100% accurate. There was no secondary or tertiary attacker,” Interior Minister said.

“It was a single shooting event, and Naveed was religiously motivated,” the security chief stated, adding that Moazzam, a PTI rally member, was killed by a bullet fired by Imran Khan’s guard. He stated that the guard must be detained and questioned.

Without mentioning Imran Khan, Sanaullah said: “A fraudster had claimed that four gunshots were retrieved from his clothes.”

The interior minister made a snide remark about PTI leaders, saying, “Interestingly, they got 30-35 bullets,” referring to the number of shots fired.

Imran Khan has been producing drama for the last roughly two months, he claimed, adding that it takes not take more than two weeks’ time to recuperate if he had got gunshot damage on his leg.

Sanaullah also accused Khan of launching a campaign for the country’s default for the last two months, saying that the “fitna” should be fought by the power of people’s vote.


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