For New Year’s Eve, What Are The Best Ways To Get To Seaview?


Only a few hours remain till the start of a new year, and already people are making plans to celebrate the occasion. This is why so many will visit Seaview, the city’s busiest tourist area.

DIG South Irfan Ali Baloch told that the highways leading to the shore will stay available for those celebrating the New Year in Karachi, and that separate routes had been allocated for those travelling to Seaview by foot and by car.

The DIG South said, “The district has been separated into nine sectors and all roads going to Seaview would remain accessible and unobstructed.”

According to him, “this is the policy of the province government and the Karachi police would follow the same policy,” adding that he would personally oversee the preparations made by top police personnel.

Baloch went on to explain that each of the sectors would be supervised by a superintendent of police (SP), and that the whole operation would be overseen by Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) South Ali Raza.

He also said that the Defence Housing Authority’s video land team would be working in tandem with the police to keep an eye on things. “All the arrangements, roads, and public spaces would be monitored from the control centre and operation room,” he said.

Baloch elaborated on the plan, saying that residents will be able to access Sea View through Khayaban Shaheen and Old Clifton, and that traffic heading towards Seaview would be restricted to a single direction.

Neither of the roads along Seaview will be utilised for anything other than access to the beach, Baloch said; residents would be able to leave the neighbourhood through Do Darya and Khayaban-e-Ittehad. We are closing off side streets that connect Saba Avenue to Seaview.

In addition, he said, “Since there will be a lot of traffic, public transportation and large vehicles will be restricted, and people would not be able to park their automobiles in the service lane along Seaview.”

According to the DIG South, every precaution had been taken to guarantee a trouble-free transition into the New Year.

Fireworks, with the exception of loud and powerful crackers, have been permitted, and although he welcomed people to enjoy themselves, he also reminded them to do so within the bounds of civic ethics.

Baloch emphasised that there had been a complete ban on aerial fire during the New Year’s celebration.

Our stance is quite clear: individuals who participate in aerial fire will be arrested and prosecuted with murder and attempted murder. Baloch warned residents to celebrate the New Year within the law, saying that if any charges were filed the state would do so “without the element of remission.”


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