Saudi Arabia Prohibits Carrying Zamzam Water In Baggage


Saudi Arabia has made it illegal to transport Aab-e-Zamzam in passenger baggage.

Throughout Islamic history, the well of Zamzam in Masjid al-Haram, Makkah, has been regarded as a miraculously created spring of Aab-e-Zamzam.

After conducting Hajj or Umrah, pilgrims often carry large quantities of the holy water back to their home countries because of its religious importance.

The Saudi General Aviation Authority has officially announced the new policy, which forbids pilgrims to bring any water from the well of Zamzam back to their respective nations.

Officials at Jeddah Airport have informed all Pakistani airlines, including PIA, of the change. No airline is allowed to let passengers who are transiting through Jeddah or any other airport in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to have any bottles containing Aab-e-Zamzam.

It was announced that travellers with Umrah and Hajj visas are restricted to carrying just one 5-liter bottle of Aab-e-Zamzam.

If airlines are found to be in breach of the new regulations, they will face consequences.


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