The Sindh Education Department Has Fired 19 “Ghost” Teachers


The Shikarpur district’s nineteen “ghost teachers” have been fired by the Sindh education department.

The provincial education minister, Syed Sardar Shah, apparently ordered the dismissal of 19 primary school teachers, as reported by the director of basic education in the Larkana division.

According to the primary education director, an investigation is now ongoing to identify other ghost instructors in the Larkana division.

From 2018 forward, the dismissed educators continued to receive pay checks while sitting at home.

Within four weeks, the Sindh government wants every school in the province to submit its instructors’ biometric records.

According to specifics, Secretary of Education Akbar Leghari delegated biometric authority over teachers to district education officers in Sindh.

DEOs are required to turn in a full roster of educators within four months.

Before this, almost 2,000 “ghost teachers” in the province of Sindh had their paychecks withheld by the education department.


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