Section 144 Is Imposed For One Month In Gwadar


On Wednesday, the home ministry of the Balochistan government declared that section 144 will be implemented in Gwadar after the killing of a police officer amid demonstrations by the Haq Do Tehreek.

On Tuesday, Ziaullah Langove, the Home Minister of Balochistan, filed a FIR against the Chairman of Haq do Tehreek, Maulana Hidayat-ur-Rehman, for the death of a police officer.

According to the Balochistan Police, Constable Yasir Saeed was killed while guarding the Haq do Tehreek sit-in protesters from gunfire.

Rallies, sit-ins, and other forms of public gathering with more than five participants are illegal under section 144. The public exhibition of guns is also illegal due to government regulations.

After the killing of the policeman, the Chief Minister of Balochistan issued an order for the arrest of those responsible for the crime. There will be an investigation into the event and a special team will be created to apprehend the perpetrators.

Such occurrences cannot be tolerated. The home minister has called for a FIR to be lodged against Haq do Tehreek’s chief.


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