During The UNGA Meeting, Why Wasn’t The Pakistani Flag Put Behind Bilawal?


Since Pakistan’s foreign minister visited the UNGA president in his office, the flag behind the minister was that of Hungary, where the UNGA president is from, according to official confirmation.

The foreign ministry spokesman Mumtaz Zahra Baloch said that Bilawal visited the New York City office of the UN General Assembly president.

The UN General Assembly president is Hungarian, thus “the flag of Hungary may be visible in the office,” she said.

It was then confirmed that the flag behind the foreign minister was really the Hungarian flag, according to Pakistan’s press counsellor in New York.

In his letter, he stated, “It is the PGA [President General Assembly] office, not a bilateral meeting.” This is where the PGA’s national flag and the UN flag are displayed.

He elaborated by saying that this was a United Nations protocol.

The same protocol was followed in other meetings held by the UNGA president at his office, where the UN flag was on one side and the flag of Hungary was on the other.


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