Case Of Dania Shah: FIA Requests More Time For Arguments


Dania Shah, the third wife of late host Aamir Liaquat, appeared in court on Monday to request bail, while the FIA asked for more time to present arguments.

Specifically, Dania Shah has asked the court for bail in the obscene video case brought against her by Dua Aamer, the daughter of Aamer Liaquat.

After the FIA filed a complaint against Shah, she was taken into custody in Lodhran and sent to Karachi.

After significant evidence was uncovered throughout the inquiry, the FIA filed a First Information Report (FIR) under Sections 20, 21, and 24 of the PICA Ordinance of 2016.

After obtaining a copy of the plea, FIA lawyers asked the court for more time to argue the issue at today’s hearing.

The case hearing was postponed till December 29.


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