In The Case Of Azam Swati’s Bail, The IHC Has Sent A Notice To The State And The FIA


PTI Senator Azam Swati’s bail petition was heard by the IHC on Monday, and the court sent notice to the government and the FIA.

The PTI senator’s release from jail due to the tweet controversy was the subject of today’s hearing before the IHC.

In the month of November, Swati was taken into custody after he was found to have tweeted threats against government officials.

The court issued a summons and asked for a response by January 2nd (Monday). On the 21st of December, a trial judge denied Swati’s request for release.

While rejecting the plea, the trial judge noted that the petitioner had twice committed the same crime.

After his arrest, Azam Swati petitioned the IHC for bail.


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