Interim Bail Is Granted To Salman Shehbaz In The Money Laundering Case By The Lahore Court


An accountability court has granted Salman Shehbaz interim bail in a money laundering case until January 7 and ordered that he be a part of the inquiry.

He was released on bail from the central special court after providing Rs500,000 in bonds.

Salman Shehbaz has asked the court for bail, identifying the FIA and the investigators as defendants. In the petition, Salman said that the court must follow all necessary steps before labelling him an absconder.

Salman said the FIA falsely accused him of money laundering, that he was never notified of any court dates, and that he was labelled a “absconder” without any explanation.

The court asked Salman for his CNIC at the hearing, and he responded that he did not have it with him at the time but that he would bring it to the next hearing.

The court ruled that everyone must provide their CNICs today, and that they should always carry their CNICs. His interim bail was extended by the court until January 7.

After the hearing, Salman did not want to talk to the media since it was Friday and he was not in the mood to discuss politics.

In a statement last month, the PM’s son said he would no longer avoid facing the charges against him.

In October of this year, Salman was deemed a proclaimed offender by an accountability court.

The NAB prosecutor informed the court that the defendant had ignored many subpoena in connection with an investigation into money laundering and ownership of assets beyond recognised sources of income, prompting the orders.


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