Dania Shah’s Bail Appeal Is Rejected By A Karachi Court


Dania Shah, the widow of the late talk show host Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain, had her bail application turned down by a Karachi court on Friday.

Dania, who was detained by the FIA Cybercrime Wing for allegedly sharing her late husband’s compromising footage, appeared before the judicial magistrate east.

In the last hearing, after hearing the arguments of the parties, the court had reserved the judgement on Dania’s bail request.

Earlier this month, Dania was detained in Lodhran, Southern Punjab, by the FIA Cybercrime Wing for allegedly leaking and making public a private video of Aamir Liaquat without his authorization.

Bushra, one of Aamir Liaquat’s ex-wives, and the mother of his daughter, filed a complaint in this respect.

On Saturday, the process to secure Shah’s physical remand began when she was brought before a court magistrate in the south.

The judge demanded that FIA justify its right to hear the case.

The event happened on or near Tariq Road in Karachi, thus the magistrate ordered that the suspect be brought before the appropriate court.

According to the FIA prosecutor, this was an instance of cybercrime.

The prosecution said that because the film had been seen worldwide, there was no question of jurisdiction.

According to the case’s investigator, the suspect filmed a private moment in the victim’s bedroom and then uploaded it online in an attempt to gain fame.

He requested that the suspect be remanded so that more inquiries may be made into the situation.

The prosecution also said that the defendant was a member of a wider group and was not operating alone.

Following argument, the judge ordered the FIA to bring her before the district east court.

She was taken to court, where the district magistrate east ruled against FIA’s request for physical remand.

Instead, she was placed on judicial remand and sent to prison.


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