Rana Sanaullah Claims That Pervaiz Elahi Is Constitutionally No Longer The Chief Minister


Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah said on Thursday that PML-Q leader Pervaiz Elahi was no longer the chief minister of Punjab, under the constitution.

“The governor of Punjab had instructed the chief minister to take a vote of confidence by yesterday, but he did not, thus according to the constitution, Pervaiz Elahi is no longer the chief minister,” Sanaullah told the Lahore media.

Interior Minister stated that Governor Baligh Ur Rehman is using his constitutional authority and that the directives [to de-notify Parvez Elahi as chief minister] would be carried out as soon as they are issued.

Regarding the PTI’s demonstration outside the Governor House in Punjab, the interior minister said that the party would be responsible for any hooliganism that was planned for today. The upkeep of law and order, he stressed, was within the purview of the provincial administration.

This is not a time of political crisis. Rana Sanaullah, provincial chairman of the PML-N, has said that an assembly session would be held to elect a new chief minister. He continued, saying that the governor’s directives will be carried out as quickly as possible.

“The governor has the constitutional authority to de-notify the cheif minister.”  The minister affirmed that Article 6 does not come into play when the governor follows the constitution.

The interior minister responded to PTI’s assertion that the president would fire Baligh Ur Rehman by saying that the president must follow the prime minister’s instructions.

“The president cannot even swat the bee off his head without the prime minister’s counsel,” Sanaullah added, highlighting the extreme difficulty of removing a governor. He went on to say that the PTI had enough time to get enough signatures to dissolve the assembly on December 17 had it been really committed to doing so.

For Sanaullah, the governor’s directives for Elahi’s dismissal should be announced today. He also said the governor must set a date for voting on the new CM.

The interior minister responded to a query regarding who the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz will nominate as their candidate for chief minister by saying that Hamza Shahbaz, the party’s parliamentary leader in the Punjab Assembly, should be the nominee. But he stated that no one has been really considered for the PML-N’s next chief minister.


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