Sindh Chooses To Deport Illegal Foreign Residents From The Province


On Thursday, Chief Minister of Sindh Murad Ali Shah presided over a meeting on law and order and agreed to deport all foreign nationals who were in the country unlawfully.

In a meeting, Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah said that terrorist groups had plans to further deteriorate the security situation in the country.

While speaking at a meeting on law and order in Sindh, CM Shah remarked, “We will not allow terrorists to raise their ugly heads again in our nation, province, and towns.”

He ordered the province’s police to increase up intelligence-based operations. He said that the Sindh Police and other intelligence agencies will be better able to work together thanks to a new framework. Additionally, he advocated for “daily cooperation among all intelligence services.”

The Chief Minister of Sindh has issued directives to the police and encouraged the Sindh Police and Rangers to clamp down on criminals operating on the streets.

It was at Murad Ali Shah’s order that the D.G. Rangers stepped up their patrols. At his direction, police and rangers have been sent to hotspots where criminal activity has spiked.

All illegal immigrants now residing in Sindh would be required to leave, as determined during the meeting.


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