Yet Another Recording Of Bushra Bibi Discussing The Toshakhana Presents Has Been Leaked


An apparent audio leak of Bushra Bibi, the wife of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan, discussing the Toshakhana presents with the previous administrator of the ex-prime minister’s Bani Gala mansion has surfaced.

There is an alleged conversation between the former first lady and the previous administrator, named Inam Khan, about photographing the Toshakhana presents being delivered to Bani Gala.

The former first lady’s second audio recording about Toshakhana has been released. As she allegedly told PTI leader Zulfi Bukhari in the first recording, Khan “had no need for the watches” that he had been given as a gift, she decided to sell them.

Allegedly, Bushra could be heard scolding Inam and telling him to stop photographing the “items” being brought into their home and start photographing the “things” being taken out.

To the former administrator of the Bani Gala, the former first lady made it clear that she would no longer allow him entry into her home.

The former administrator verified that this was really his voice. “Yes, it was I who told Bushra Bibi about the presents from Toshakhana.”

In the last several months, audio leaks of both government and opposition individuals have surfaced, shaking the nation.

Leaked tape includes discussions between the previous prime minister and his advisors concerning the purported US-backed “threat letter,” as well as current government officials discussing their plan for resisting PTI’s actions.


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