The Supreme Court Orders K.P. And Punjab To Enforce The 2002 Police Order


On Thursday, the Supreme Court issued an order to the provincial governments of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) to enforce the Police Order 2002 and prohibited the early transfer of police officials.

The court additionally ruled that no officer should be removed without contacting a senior police officer and that justifications should be provided if a transfer is required before the deadline.

The CJP questioned why Sindh and Balochistan couldn’t use the same formula for excellent government.

The Supreme Court has also sought a list of all police personnel in Punjab, KP, Sindh, and Balochistan who have been moved in the recent decade.

To what extent will the Punjab government enforce existing laws, or would a court order be necessary? Justice Bandial was questioned.

The chief justice said that no member of the provincial assembly (MPA) should be able to request a police officer’s transfer, and that it is the exclusive discretion of the inspector general to remove a central police officer (CPO) or divisional police officer (DPO) once three years have passed.

CJP also highlighted that people are suffering due to crime and instability and ordered that the court be informed after receiving orders from the provincial administration.

Supreme Court also said that there is a perception that governments utilise the police as a political weapon and that investigating personnel should be isolated from other police activities in accordance with the law.

Chief Justice Bandial also said that investigators need their own department so they can make impartial judgments.

The police offer “flawed evidence that helps the accused,” as Justice Bandial put it. “There is no such thing as investigation abilities in the police.”

What recourse does the victim have if the police side with the accused? requested Justice Bandial.

The session continued with statements from Punjab’s additional attorney general, who assured the judge that police personnel changes are always discussed beforehand.

The chief justice went on to say that homicides and attacks against legal professionals are on the rise in KP.

Justice Bandial said that the public is being harmed by the police transfers, and that the whole system is affected by the unrelated postings of police personnel, thus the court has taken note of them.

The case was then postponed to the second week of January, 2023.


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