JIT Seeks Kenya Visa To Investigate Arshad Sharif Case


The Kenyan government has received a visa request from the Special Joint Investigation Team (JIT) formed to investigate the death of veteran journalist Arshad Sharif.

The federal government informed the Supreme Court on December 8 of the identities of the members of a new special joint investigation team (JIT) constituted to investigate the murder of veteran journalist Arshad Sharif (SC).

On October 23, the senior journalist and anchor who had been living in self-exile in the Kenyan capital Nairobi was murdered.

According to reports, the JIT has reached out to the Kenyan government’s Foreign Office to schedule a meeting. The FO has notified the Pakistani Embassy in Kenya of the request so that appropriate measures may be taken.

According to the sources, the team will go to Kenya within the next few days to record the testimony of the police officers involved in the shootings of Arshad Sharif and Khurram and Waqar.

In addition, the team will go to the location of the crime.


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