Bombing In Lahore’s Johar Town Traced Back To India


To cover up its crimes in occupied Jammu and Kashmir, India has gone “beyond that of an enemy state,” as Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah stated on Tuesday .

“We have clear proof that India is involved in terrorist operations in Pakistan,” the minister stated during a news briefing with Additional Inspector-General of the Counter-Terrorism Department for the Punjab, Imran Mehmood.

“Today, a top police official will update you on a terrorist event that Pakistan has chosen to bring to the attention of the world community in order to reveal India’s “nefarious” purpose.

We have identified and apprehended all of those responsible for this occurrence from quite some time ago. The Indian government has acknowledged part of the blame for it ,” he said.

AIG CTD Mehmood said in his briefing that the incident occurred in Johar Town, Lahore, at 11:09 a.m. on June 23, 2021.

The explosion may have included as much as 200 kg of explosive materials and an automobile. Three persons were killed and 22 were wounded, including two police officers, in the blast.

“No terrorist group has claimed credit for this act as of yet. Cars and houses were seriously damaged since this was a residential neighbourhood ” a high-ranking law enforcement officer said.

After the blast occurred, CTD filed a first information report (FIR), and the police “traced” the case within 16 hours. Mehmood said that three terrorists were apprehended by CTD in the first day.

Mehmood stated the first character was Peter Paul David, who was identified by the car, and that the terrorist oversaw the whole thing.

“Both Ali Budaish and Bablu Srivastava, RAW operatives, were connected to him in some way. These operatives would fund him on the backs of terror ” CTD official said.

According to Mehmood, Sajjad Hussain was David’s aide and helped him with the Johar Town bomb; Hussain also destroyed the phones that were used to coordinate the explosion.

According to the CTD officer, after directing the agency to one terrorist, David then pointed them to Zia Ullah. “This individual was the brother of the primary criminal, Sami ul Haq. This was our most important lead since he would also facilitate others in Pakistan.”

Four or five days later, he added, CTD agents located Eid Gul and his wife, Ayesha Gul. Mehmood elaborated, saying that David handed over the automobile to Gul to get it ready for the explosion. He said that Gul was the one who placed the device inside the car.

“In the footage that was shown during the briefing, you can see Gul getting out of the car. Gul’s bomb-making preparations were also captured on film by a third party,” said the police officer.

“And then, through Interpol, we had red warrants issued for his arrest. Then, on April 24, 2022, we apprehended him and his brother-in-law as they attempted to enter Pakistan from Balochistan based on information gathered from intelligence reports.”

Mehmood also said that his brother-in-law Uzair Akbar had helped Sami with terrorist operations, leading to red warrants being issued for both men. Then CTD learned more about the man responsible for the monitoring and target selection: Naveed Akhtar.

“Naveed, a Middle Eastern labourer, was locked up because he lacked the money to pay his debt. At this point, a RAW agent contacted him and said that Naveed would be able to pay his fine, but only if he participated in terrorist actions in Pakistan.” According to Mehmood, it was because of Gul’s pointing that the CTD was able to apprehend Sami ul Haq, the primary handler of RAW-sponsored terror actions in Pakistan.

The CTD officer said that despite Sami’s identification, law enforcement was unable to apprehend him, and moreover, that Sami had been associated with RAW for at least 12 years.

Mehmood said that the arrest of Naveed had the effect of foiling other terrorist plots. “Sami ul Haq was detained, although Naveed did not know about it. On May 10, Sami ul Haq informed us that he would be seeing Naveed. This allowed us to finally capture Naveed as well.”

Three more RAW agents have been identified, and red warrants have been issued via Interpol, he said.


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