Karachi’s Weather Gets Dry And Cold


Winds from the northeast decrease Karachi’s temperature to 16.5 degrees Celsius.

Karachi and the province will see dry days and frigid nights.

Southwesterly breezes or sea breeze, which cool the city’s hot weather, have been halted, and northeasterly winds will bring the mercury down, the PMD stated.

The Met Office predicts that Karachi’s minimum temperature would decrease from 14-16 to 13-15 Celsius in the following two days.

Winds will reach 18 km/h. The city’s high will be 28–30 C.

Most of the province, notably upper Sindh, will have dry nights and misty/foggy mornings.

Pakistan Meteorological Department predicts dry, chilly weather in plains. In Potohar, upper KP, North Balochistan, Gilgit Baltistan, and Kashmir, rain, thunderstorms, and mountain snowfall are forecast.

Gilgit Baltistan, Kashmir, North Balochistan, and upper KP are anticipated to see frigid weather.


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