Pakistani Facebook Content Creators May Now Monetize Their Work


On Saturday, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that the’stars’ feature on Facebook’s Meta platform will be made available to Pakistani content producers so that they could start monetizing their work.

In a video message shared on Twitter, the foreign minister reportedly made the announcement from the headquarters of Meta, the corporation that also operates Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

In order to introduce the “Facebook Stars” function for monetization in Pakistan, FM Bilawal Bhutto travelled to the Asia Pacific headquarters of Meta in Singapore.

The foreign minister of Pakistan said that Pakistani creators will benefit financially from the new feature since “the more stars they acquire, the more money they would earn” from Facebook.

With any luck, social media will be put to better use by “the young of Pakistan in particular,” he said. With the star monetization feature, “Meta is working and investing in Pakistan and offering possibilities for our women and young,” he stated.

Meta also shared that it has released Facebook Stars, its newest monetization mechanism, in Pakistan for creators who meet certain criteria.

Social media influencers in Pakistan will be able to track their earnings by content category, create and adjust objectives, and have access to various Stars options, according to a statement released by the multinational technology company.

Facebook Reels, Facebook Live, and on-demand films, images, and text postings all support the new functionality.

Helping creators to build community and turn their passions into professions is a key part of our continued investment in Pakistan. Facebook Stars is open to all eligible creators in Pakistan, so more people can start earning while they grow their creativity, audience and careers,” said Meta’s Director of Emerging Markets for the Asia Pacific region Jordi Fornies.


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