The Private Institutes Will Remain Closed Three Days A Week Due To The SMOG


Government officials in Punjab have stated that private institutions and branch offices would be closed three days a week till the pollution situation improves in Lahore.

The move falls in line with the directions of the Lahore High Court to alleviate the pollution problem.

These kinds of weather events have been particularly devastating to Punjab in the early days of winter in previous years. The haze created by the heavy particles of pollution might be dispersed by a period of heavy rainfall or strong winds.

Private institutions would be closed three days a week beginning on December 7 (today) and continuing until January 15 per a notice issued by the relief commissioner of Punjab. The action has been made to safeguard masses from the smog-related ailments.

Punjab government on Wednesday announced three days off for schools in the provincial capital due to heavy pollution.

The onset of winter brings dense fog to northern Punjab, making it difficult to see and drive in the region. Poor visibility causes highway closures and airline delays or cancellations.

Experts claim the thick, foggy layer seen throughout the winter is really toxic smog that poses major health risks.

Smog, or obstructive haze, is a kind of air pollution. In the early 20th century, people started using the word “smog” to describe an atmosphere where smoke and fog had combined. The rising emissions from vehicles and industries, as well as the burning of coal and the ashes of crops, are the major causes of smog. Smog has been frequent in industrial locations and is a typical sight in cities of the current day.


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