NAB Issued A Directive To Unfreeze Ishaq Dar’s Assets


On Tuesday, the Lahore office of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) sent a message to the district administration requesting that the assets of Federal Minister of Finance Ishaq Dar be unfrozen.

Details suggest that a message was sent to Lahore’s district administration in order to unfreeze federal minister Ishaq Dar’s assets.

The letter demanded the release of funds from blocked bank accounts valued at $5 billion, $580 million, $80 lacs, $73,000, $2,000, $432, and $239.

Ishaq Dar, head of the Pakistan Muslim League (PML), has asked that the district authorities give back his home, the Hajvery House at 7-H Gulberg 3.

To lift the ban on federal minister Ishaq Dar’s assets, the NAB has issued a dispatch to the district administration and requested confirmation.

When the NAB letter is verified, Dar’s assets will be freed.

Cases against Finance Minister Ishaq Dar and others who were accused of possessing wealth disproportionate to their reported income have been dismissed by an accountability court.


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