Russia To Provide Cheaper Oil To Pakistan


On Monday, Pakistan’s State Minister for Petroleum Musadik Malik said that Russia will sell subsidised petrol and diesel to the country.

The Russian visit “remained more successful than we anticipated,” Malik stated at a news briefing in Islamabad.

The minister claimed that Russia will begin exporting cheap crude oil, fuel, and gasoline to Pakistan. Pakistan will receive the same price reduction on oil and gasoline from Russia as the rest of the globe.

He claimed the present government is working to fix the struggling economy caused by the PTI government’s “wrong” policies, and that this progress is directly related to meeting the energy demands of the country.

The minister disclosed that discussions with Russian gas companies on LNG sale to Pakistan took place as well.

He further said that Russia has extended an invitation to Pakistan to finalise the deal for 2025-26.

Pakistan would be able to save money thanks to the agreement and deal with the problem of rising gasoline costs.


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