Shahnawaz Amir And His Mother Have Been Indicted In The Murder Of Sarah Inam By Court


The primary suspect, Shahnawaz Amir, and his mother, Sameena Shah, were indicted in the Sara Inam Murder case by a district and sessions court in Islamabad on Monday.

After denying Sameena’s motion to be removed from the proceedings, Judge Atta Rabbani issued the indictment order. A decision on her plea had been withheld earlier today.

Both defendants have submitted not guilty pleas, and the court has ordered the prosecution to present witnesses on December 14.

The mother of Shahnawaz has filed a motion to have her son’s lawsuit dismissed.

Today, the court heard Shah’s motion asking to be released from the murder case.

Nasir Asghar, Sameena Shah’s attorney, informed the court that Sameena Shah was present at the crime site but not mentioned by name in the police challan.

Asghar argued that the defendant should be released from the case since the prosecution had shown no evidence of guilt. He continued by saying the court will have to examine the challan and reach a verdict.

Shah’s attorney also testified that Shah turned up her son to the police when they arrived at the scene.

The lawyer claimed, “The only explanation offered is that the plaintiff is insisting [on adding her name].” He continued by saying that, other from this, nobody had anything bad to say about his client.

Since Inam ur Rehman’s (Sarah’s father) attorney was unable to attend the hearing, the judge postponed the case.

The hearing continued after the attorney arrived.

When Sarah visited the farmhouse, the victim, the two defendants, and the lawyer all sat down to eat together, as the lawyer testified in court. He continued by saying that Sarah’s visit following the separation was noted in the police report.

The attorney was curious as to what went on that night during the meeting between the three individuals. Two days before the murder, he said, the couple got a divorce, and on the same day the CCTV cameras stopped operating, too.

The attorney further mentioned that Shah’s counsel claimed the murder occurred around 9:00 a.m., despite the postmortem results proving otherwise.

“Even if the event happened at 9:00am, their knowledge is indicating something else,” the lawyer said.

The DVR has been confiscated by the police and submitted for forensics, the lawyer added. He further said that the released Ayaz Amir had reported the crime to the authorities.


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