Pervaiz Elahi Reiterates Moonis’ Claim: “General Bajwa Has Showed The Way To Supporting The PTI.” 


According to Punjab CM Pervaiz Elahi’s son Moonis Elahi, former army head General (ret.) Qamar Javed Bajwa advised PML-Q to back PTI during the no-confidence vote against former premier Imran Khan.

When asked about his reluctance to join the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) coalition because he “did not trust the Sharif family,” Punjab’s chief minister said in an interview with a private news channel that former COAS Qamar Bajwa persuaded him to back Imran.

When a vote of no confidence was submitted against former prime minister Imran Khan, Pervaiz Elahi said that he had received offers from both the PTI camp and the then-opposition. God, he said, had altered their course at the eleventh hour and sent Gen. Bajwa to lead them.

The chief minister said, “When I shared my worries about the Sharifs, then Bajwa sahab urged me to go cautiously and stated the route leading towards Imran is better for you and your allies.”

Further, Pervaiz Elahi said, “He knew that the Sharif family would not enable me to stay as chief minister as they had misled me in the past,” adding that his son Moonis had also advised they join the PTI.

The Chief Minister of Punjab responded to a query by reiterating his intention to disband the Punjab Assembly at Imran Khan’s suggestion. “I would always stand with the PTI chairman and I will dissolve the assembly without delay,” he said.

Pervaiz Elahi’s remark follows his son and PML-Q leader Moonis Elahi’s assertion that General (ret.) Bajwa instructed them to support PTI. Moonis Elahi, in an interview with a private news network, declared that former chief of army staff General Qamar Bajwa is not a traitor.

He said that General (retired) Qamar Javed had instructed them to remain solidly behind the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf during the vote of no confidence. Since then, Moonis Elahi said, he had urged his father, Pervaiz Elahi, to support the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party.

Moonis Elahi said that if Qamar Bajwa had been against the PTI during the no-confidence vote, all he would have had to do was send a signal, and the PDM would have been seated with them.


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