Assassination Attempt Against Pakistan’s Head Of Mission In Kabul Fails


It was announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) on Friday that Pakistan’s Head of Mission in Kabul, Ubaid-ur-Rehman Nizamani, had narrowly avoided an assassination attempt.

In a statement, the ministry stated the embassy’s facility in Kabul came under attack targeting the chief of mission, but “with the grace of Allah Almighty, the head of mission is safe”.

However, a Pakistani security guard Sepoy Israr Mohammad has been gravely wounded in the incident while defending Nizamani, the Foreign Office stated.

It claimed that Pakistan’s government strongly condemns the assassination attempt and assault on the embassy asking the Afghan authorities conduct an urgent inquiry into the event.

The Interim Government of Afghanistan must immediately hold thorough investigations in this attack, apprehend the culprits, hold them to account, and take urgent measures to ensure the safety and security of Pakistani diplomatic personnel and citizens in Afghanistan,” the statement added.

The security man took three gunshots to the chest while trying to shield the head of mission from the assault. Reports said that the Nizamani was attacked while out on a stroll.

Because of their weekly off schedule, the Pakistani Embassy was empty at the time of the event. According to the sources, the chief of mission and other officials are temporarily returning to Pakistan.

A call was made to Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari from Acting Afghan Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi after the terrorist attack on the Pakistan Mission in Kabul.

Ubaid-ur-Rehman Nizamani, the Pakistani envoy to Afghanistan, was the victim of a terrorist attack that was harshly denounced by Afghanistan’s acting foreign minister.

Foreign Minister Muttaqi reassured his counterpart that the Taliban and anybody else was responsible for this atrocity will face fast punishment under the Afghan government.

The acting foreign minister of Afghanistan also sent his best wishes for a speedy recovery to Sepoy Israr Mohammad.

The Foreign Minister expressed appreciation to the Interim Afghan Government for its unwavering support and stressed the critical significance of ensuring the security of Pakistani diplomats in Afghanistan.

In order to keep terrorism from damaging ties between Pakistan and Afghanistan, the Afghan government must stop it in its tracks. The Foreign Minister further said that Pakistan would not be intimidated by such heinous actions and that Pakistan will continue its unflinching commitment to battling terrorism.


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