Chief Minister Signed The Dissolution Summary Of The Punjab Assembly


Pervaiz Elahi, who is the chief minister of Punjab, signed the summary of dissolution of the Punjab Assembly.

According to reports, Pervaiz Elahi delivered Imran Khan the signed summary of dissolution of the assembly. This decision was made on behalf of the Chief Minister of Punjab when PTI Chairman Imran Khan addressed the Punjab parliamentary party through video connection. in light of what will have been.

In it, Imran Khan issued a conditional offer to the government, saying, “We can give you a chance to sit down with us and negotiate with us and provide a date for the general elections, or we would dissolve the assembly.”

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan remarked at a meeting of the PTI’s parliamentary party that Q-League is fully with us on the topic of dissolution of the assemblies and that Parvaiz Elahi has given him full confidence, assuring him that the Assembly would be disbanded when he says so.


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