An FIR Has Been Filed Against Fawad For The Murder Of His Wife And Daughters


A man named Fawad has been identified as the main suspect in the gruesome killings at Malir’s Shamsi Society, and a police investigation has been launched against him.

Fawad described the killings in graphic detail, saying that he first strangled his older daughter and then shot his wife. Following that, he proceeded into the second bedroom and brutally killed his two sleeping daughters.

After the murders, Fawad said, he sent photos of his dead daughters to the investors who had been harassing him for payment.

The guy continued, saying that he had used the same knife to cut his own neck afterwards.  Injured Fawad said that his investors were Muzzamil, Faisal, Noman Bhai, Maqbool Elahi, Hamid Nawaz, and Riyaz, and that they were “pressing” him for his money after he had made a loss. Allegedly killing his wife and three daughters with a knife before attempting suicide himself, the man was found badly wounded in Malir’s Shamsi Society.

Following a complaint from the state, a case was filed against Fawad at the Alfalah police station in Malir.

According to Fawad’s confessional statement, he and his wife often argued, and he was also conducting a trading firm with the help of some investors while working at a job in which he suffered losses. Fawad said he had had enough with his existence and wanted out badly.

“Depression had set in long before the financial setbacks and subsequent requests for repayment from investors left me feeling hopeless.”

Fawad said he killed his wife and three daughters because she refused to stop what he called her “misbehaviour” and because of the stress he felt from dealing with investors.


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