Three Education Officials Were Suspended In The Visually Impaired Girl Rape Case


Wednesday, three staff members at Okara’s Department of Special Education were placed on administrative leave for their involvement in the rape of a 16-year-old visually impaired girl.

The special education department said that the three accused workers, music instructor Kamran and security guards Safdar and Allah Ditta, had been placed on administrative leave due to their involvement in the rape case.

A blind 16-year-old girl in Okara was raped by her instructor and the night watchman.

Police say that a teacher and the school’s night watchman ‘raped’ a 16-year-old girl who is visually impaired at the special education school in the PS Diyalpur City neighbourhood of Okara.

According to the victim’s father, the accused has been threatening his daughter severely in an effort to silence her about the rape.

In response to a complaint from the father of the blind child, police have opened an investigation into the event. 


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