Imran Khan Announces To Resign From All Assemblies


Imran Khan, former prime minister and chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), has stated that his party has chosen to resign from all assemblies.

“We shall not participate in the political system of this nation. We have decided to resign from all assemblies,” the former prime minister said while addressing party members and supporters at Rawalpindi Jalsa.

Imran Khan said that his party’s decision not to go to Islamabad was made to prevent devastation and anarchy. “After talking with chief ministers and the parliamentary party, I will announce the date of resignations,” he said.

The former prime minister began his speech by urging party members and supporters to overcome their fear of death if they wanted to live freely.

Imran Khan said, in reference to the death of Imam Hussain (A.S.), that the people of Kufa did not rush to his rescue because of fear of retaliation from the government. “Fear transforms a country into slaves.”

The former prime minister said that everyone warned him not to leave Lahore owing to his wounded leg and the dangers he faced.

He said that “three criminals” – those he blames for the Wazirabad incident — were preparing another assassination attempt. He said that he had a near experience with death and urged the present crowd to strengthen their faith.

Imran Khan, while praising the nation, said, “Many prime ministers have come and gone, but the public has never assembled in such big numbers as they have for me.”

“There would be no distinction between animals and humans if the populace accepted the ‘NRO’-installed leaders,” he said.

He added that Pakistanis living abroad supported him because they recognise the significance of the rule of law. “Pakistan is now in a precarious position owing to the lack of the rule of law,” he continued.

Criticizing the Sharifs and Zardaris, he said that these two families have weakened Pakistan’s institutions to secure their “looted fortune.”

He went on to say that affluent society had a rule of law, but emerging nations had little respect for the law, which was the cause of their difficulties.

Despite these obstacles, especially Covid-19, the former prime minister said that his administration had effectively revitalised the nation’s struggling economy. He remembered the economic success of his administration and measures such as the health card.


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