During the PUNJAB IBOS, CTD Arrests Nine Terrorists


During a series of intelligence-based operations (IBO) conducted throughout the province, the Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) of Punjab claimed to have apprehended nine suspected terrorists.

Twenty-five IBOs were carried out in the province of Punjab, a CTD official said, during which time about 21,100 persons were questioned and nine were detained.

Two IEDs, a considerable number of explosives, 13 detonators, protective fuse, firearms, ammunition, and cash were all confiscated from the individuals apprehended during the seven week IBOs.

Azam Khan, Mansoor, Farooq, Shami Pervez, Muhammad Siddique, Abul Manan, Ismail, Abdur Razzaque , and Muhammad Bilal are the suspects who have been apprehended.

A CTD spokeswoman said the suspects’ intended victims included high-profile individuals, government buildings, and other secure facilities.


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