Lt. Gen. Faiz Hamid Has Decided To Retire Early


One of Pakistan’s highest-ranking military commanders, Lieutenant General Faiz Hamid, has opted to retire early.

The announcement of Lt. General Hamid’s retirement comes a day after it was reported that Lt. General Azhar Abbas, the Chief of General Staff (CGS) of the Pakistan Army, has also requested an early retirement.

There were six army commanders proposed by the General Headquarters for the position of army chief, and the two individuals were among them.

According to his brother, CGS Lt. Gen. Azhar Abbas has opted to retire early.

“I confirm that Lt Gen Azhar Abbas has sought earlier retirement to maintain his grace, honour and dignity as a decorated officer of Pakistan Army,” he said.

“Known for his professionalism, farsightedness and leadership, Lt Gen Azhar Abbas has decided to bid farewell, seeking early retirement — true to his personality,” a trusted family source said.

Lt. Gen. Hamid was the director-general of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence while Imran Khan was prime minister.


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