LHC To Hear Murad Raas’s Appeal Against The FIA Investigation In The PTI Funding Case


Murad Raas, a provincial minister, will have his appeal against the FIA’s summons in the PTI prohibited funding case heard on December 1st by the Lahore High Court (LHC).

The provincial minister’s appeal will be heard by Justice Baqar Najafi and another judge on a two-person bench at the high court.

The federal interior secretary has been asked to comment on the subject by the court.

In his appeal against the denial of his plea by a single bench of the LHC, PTI leader Murad Raas contended that the August 24 judgement of the single bench was illegal.

Petitioner said the current administration was using the Federal Bureau of Investigation to spy on political opponents (FIA). His argument was that the PTI has filed an appeal with the Islamabad High Court, challenging the electoral commission’s judgement.

Election officials did not refer the case to the FIA, but the Interior Minister has requested a probe.

Petitioner said, “The FIA sent notice to Murad Raas on August 20.” He asked the court to stop the FIA from taking any further action against him and to declare the notice to summon him and the investigation null and invalid.


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