FIA Refutes Karachi Police’s Claims In Killing Case


The FIA has rejected the police investigators’ claims that there was a delay in adding the suspect’s name to the stop list in the murder of the Karachi police officer.

Karachi police had claimed that the intelligence agency had been negligent in adding the suspect’s name on the stop list; the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) flatly denied these allegations. Police investigators, according to FIA sources, felt the agency had not acted quickly enough.

The intelligence agency elaborated that the suspect’s name and Pakistani details were requested to be added to the stop list at 11:00 a.m., but the suspect’s immigration was finalised at 4:11 a.m.

It has been determined by the FIA that Khurram Nisar did not leave Pakistan using a Pakistani passport, but rather a Swedish one.

They also disclosed that the CIA had informed the Karachi police of the suspect’s identity. Media accusations that the intelligence agency took too long to apprehend the suspect were flatly denied by the FIA.

The FIA was allegedly notified of the suspect by Karachi police around 4:11 a.m., as previously reported.

Policeman Abdul Rehman was murdered in the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) neighbourhood of Karachi, and the culprit, identified as Khurram Nisar, has since escaped to Sweden. 

According to a police statement, the suspect arrived at the airport around 4:11 a.m. At 4:30 a.m., police alerted airport officials about the situation.


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