Google To Begin Operations In Pakistan Next Month


Senator Afnan Ullah of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) stated on Wednesday that a Google team will be visiting Islamabad next month to begin operations in Pakistan.

According to him, “a delegation of Google will visit Pakistan on December 11 to start operations,” and once things get rolling in Pakistan, the platform would provide 15,000 scholarships to locals.

The senator continued by saying that Google’s services would be expanded by the government in Pakistan.

Google introduced Career Certificates in Pakistan in September to provide a variety of learning options for the country’s population, allowing them to gain the necessary knowledge and digital skills for high-demand occupations.

Google has pledged 15,000 scholarships by the end of the year via local partners IRM and Ignite, which are made up of academic institutions, business partners, and non-profits as part of its ambition to Unlock Pakistan’s Digital Potential.

According to a study by AlphaBeta, by 2030, Pakistan might see annual economic value creation from digital technologies of up to PKR 9.7 Trillion (USD 59.7 Billion).


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